Lárphointe eolais na Gaeilge: Nuacht, imeachtaí, folúntais agus níos mó

On 07 Meán Fómhair 2018
Ag Kerry
Curtha in airde ag Dónal

Dúisigh do Dhúchas - A wild weekend in West Kerry

Dia dhaoibh,

Seo cuireadh daoibh.

This is an invitation. To the man or woman who longs to be speaking Irish but never got round to it.

In hundreds of conversations with Irish people about Irish, we have encountered a common theme; there exists a block in our psyche towards speaking Irish. Be it created by a shite teacher, a false belief that it is a 'useless' language or a shame in a lack of proficiency, this block prevents us from using language we spent twelve years studying.

The Wild Irish Retreat mission is to break through that wall.

For the wall that blocks the flow of our Irish is the same wall that disconnects us from Nature.

This retreat is tailored to activate those elements of our person that are intuitive and natural. To provide you with the tools that will transcend the block. To that end we will forage wild food and medicines, sit in a sweatlodge, learn to use Irish creatively through poetry and break a sweat with a hurl as our ancestors did.

Last year, sixteen people from all parts and all ages spent three days and nights living together, learning and speaking Irish. And, for most of them, something clicked, open.

That something was 'the block'.

The journey back to ourselves is a long one and the first step is the hardest.

Tar linn chun an céad céim a thógaint le chéile.

Activities/ Gníomhaíochtaí

  • Sealgaireacht: Seaweed and wild food foraging and preparation

  • Filíocht: Compose a poem in the world's most lyrical language.

  • Luibheanna Leighis:  Learn to heal yourself with nature's medicine

  • Iománaíocht:  Learn how to hurl with a master.

  • Áith Allais:  Sweatlodge: reviving the ancient Irish tradition of cleansing both body and mind.

  • Ciorcal Cómhra: After breakfast we will have informal conversation circles.


All the above workshops and activities will be done through Irish with vocabulary and assistance provided.

Some proficiency is required but a willingness to listen and bain trial as will compensate for any lack.

Accommodation is in dormitory of old school house situated on the spectacular Ceann Sibéal.

Prices (including all meals and dormitory accommodation)

Early Bird (paid before July 31st):€200
Standard: €250