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According to research on bilingual education, here are some of the benefits to students:

1. Higher academic performance (Gallagher & Hanna, 2002). 

2. A greater ability to learn a third and fourth language (Cenoz & Valencia 1994).

3. Understanding and openness towards other cultures (Gallagher & Hanna, 2002).

4. An improvement in cognitive functioning in creativeness and communication (Bialystok et al. 2005).

5. Higher grades in English and in Mathematics (Ionad Taighde Oideachais, 2011)

6. A higher awareness of identity, culture and understanding of community (Baker, 2003)

7. An increase in self-confidence (Baker, 2003)

8. Improved communication and social skills (Cummins, 2000)


When raised through the medium of Irish, valuable advantages can be seen in the fields of:

1. The speed at which writing and reading is learned

2. The ability to comprehend and learn more complex languages

3. The development of communication and social skills

4. Future employability and willingness to learn

5. Creative thinking development

6. Being central to the modern revival of the Irish language

8. Economic and socio-economic success