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Using your name in Irish is a simple way to show people that you have Irish and that you are happy to speak it. 

Below are two easy ways to give recognition to the Irish version of your name instead of the English version:

1. Continuous usage of the Irish version

All you need to do is to start the habit of using your Irish name regularly, both officially and unofficially. You can start using it with your family and friends; when registering with a club, college or university; when opening a bank account; on your drivers license; on pay slips from employers; with the Income Commissions, etc. 

2. Changing your name through first party action

Changing your name through first party action means that you cease to use your previous name and ask that people use your new name. This is a way to use your Irish name on a formal basis. You will have documented evidence that your name has been changed. More information can be found at

If you are not sure what your name is in Irish, you can search for it at