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The Role of the Language Commissioner 

The Language Commissioner is appointed by the President of Ireland. This follows a resolution passed by the Houses of the Oireachtas recommending the appointment. Rónán Ó Domhnaill is the current Language Commissioner.

Functions of of the Language Commissioner 

The duties of the Language Commissioner, as specified in sections 20 - 30 of the Official Languages Act, are as follows:

  • To monitor and ensure compliance by public bodies with the provisions of the Official Languages Act. 
  • To conduct investigations on request from the Minister for Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht or due to a complaint made regarding the failure of public bodies to fulfill their duties under the Official Languages Act. The Language Commissioner also has the right to investigate any valid complaint in which it is alleged that the provisions of any other enactments relating to the status or use of Irish have been contravened.
  • If the Language Commissioner cannot resolve a complaint satisfactorily on an informal basis, he/she may launch an investigation or formal inquiry.  
  • To prepare a report in writing in respect of each investigation. 
  • To provide advice to the public regarding their language rights under the Official Languages Act.
  • To provide advice to public bodies regarding their language duties under the Act.
  • To provide an annual report on the work of the Office of the Language Commissioner to the Minister for Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht. 
  • To submit annual financial accounts to the Comptroller and Auditor General and the Minister for Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht. 

If you wish to make a complaint or to seek advice, please complete this online form.

Further information regarding the Office of the Language Commissioner can be found here.